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What our patients have to say about McCarty Weight Loss Center

Patient Reviews & Stories

*As patients and procedures vary so will results.
Mandi Linder

We are excited to announce our April POTM, Mandi Linder! “I cannot thank Dr. Dill and the whole team at McCarty Weight Loss enough for this amazing journey I’m on! My surgery was June 4, 2020 . Since surgery I am down 80 pounds with a total loss of 116 pounds! My love for life is back and I can say I never been happier! This weight loss tool has helped me find confidence, sleep better, and took so much pressure off my back and knees. The list of positive life changing results could go on for miles! I still look at photos before and after and think “holy Hannah is that really me?” I would like to say thank you to infinity and beyond for all the hard work you and your team did to help change my life.
Much love ,
Mandi (from Wisconsin 🧀)”
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Randal Wilson

We are excited to announce our March POTM Randal Wilson! “I am thankful beyond belief for what Dr. Dill and the entire team at McCarty Weight Loss has done for me! Three months and 105 pounds later, I’m the healthiest I have ever been! I no longer have issues with sleep apnea, asthma, or high blood pressure. I am finally able to focus on and enjoy the important things in life!”

Bobby and Tish Basham

We are excited to announce our February POTM Bobby and Tish Basham! Combined, they have lost almost 200 lbs! “We set out to lose some weight and feel better, but we ended up with so much more than that!
Making the decision to have the gastric sleeve completely gave us our lives back and has allowed us so many new adventures even in the midst of this crazy 2020 Pandemic year! (We even went hiking and zip lining, which was never an option before) We feel so much better, physically and mentally! We are actually enjoying life!”
A million thank you’s to Dr.McCarty, Crystal, and the entire staff of McCarty Weight Loss!!!

Oscar Calvillo

We are proud to announce our January POTM Oscar Calvillo who has lost 89 lbs!

“Having done the surgery, it has completely changed my life. It helped save my relationship as we were going through a rough patch. It’s given me more energy and motivation to push myself to the limit and it’s helped me be a better person, and remove all the negative energy I had.”

Rachel Hale

We are excited to announce our December POTM Rachel Hale! Rachel has lost 83 lbs since her Mini Sleeve!

“I finally feel like I have my life back and have struggled with weight loss due to a previous hysterectomy and thyroid issues. I am ecstatic that for the first time in 20 years I weigh less than my husband!”

Keisha Whitfield

We are excited to announce our November POTM Keisha Whitfield!

“I had a total weight loss of 105 pounds within the first ten months!! My quality of life has improved dramatically as I’m able to exercise and jog much more. I actually enjoy working out! I pay more attention to the types of food I consume.”

Andrea Flores

We are proud to announce our October POTM Andrea Flores! She has lost over 106 lbs since her Mini Sleeve!

“So thankful to put myself in your and Dr McCarty’s hands, I have my life back and whenever I’m in doubt I look back to my pictures and focus once again and just feel so proud of all my progress. I will forever be grateful with such amazing staff!”-  Andrea

Jodi Williams

We are excited to announce our September Patient of the month Jodi Williams! She is down almost 80 lbs since her surgery!

“I’ve struggled with my weight for the past 20 years. Nothing I tried successfully kept the weight off. I tried weight loss programs, dieting, extreme workouts, calorie reduction and many other things – nothing worked permanently! My husband and I began exploring the possibility of weight loss surgery and I wish I had done this 20 years ago! McCarty Weight Loss Center has profoundly changed my life! I’m exercising regularly, sleeping better, and have a healthy self image! My sweet cravings are gone! My appetite is under control! Even though I can eat anything I want, I actually enjoy eating healthy foods! I was definitely part of that percentage of people that thought this wouldn’t really work for me. For anyone who is considering weight loss surgery, and specifically the mini sleeve, I highly recommend it!”

Nick Ryan

We are excited to announce our August POTM Nick Ryan!

“My story might be like some of yours, I don’t know, but I do know it is a common issue. I am a former college athlete who practiced and exercised for hours every day from the time I was 10 until I graduated college. Once I graduated I was completely burnt out. I never wanted to exercise again! The problem was that I kept eating like I was still putting in countless hours of physical activity. Fast forward 20 yrs and I was extremely overweight with a serious binge eating disorder. That’s when I found Dr. McCarty. This was the best and most life changing decision I have ever made and I have him and his staff to thank for it. I blew past the goal that Dr. McCarty set for me and I have lost over 110 pounds to date!. I was taught how to make good food choices and I regained my love for the gym. These two things I believe were essential in my success. Nutrition and fitness have become a passion of mine and I don’t plan on ever changing that. Thank you Dr. McCarty for saving my life. May you rest in peace.”

Shane Pruitt

We are excited to announce our July Patient of the Month Shane Pruitt!

“I lost 85 to 90 pounds, unofficially no more sleep apnea, everything is easier, pretty much my whole life is better. Great decision to follow through with the Mini Sleeve. I wish everyone this success!”

Leah Hancock

We are excited to announce our June Patient of the Month Leah Hancock!

“I’m one year and one day post op and my life is changed forever. I’ve lost 78 pounds and over 45 inches overall. I’m wearing a medium in tops and an 8-10 in pants. I work out 3-4 times a week with a trainer and actually enjoy going to the gym! I never thought that would happen! I’m truly happier and healthier than I’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to this tool Dr McCarty and McCarty Weight Loss Center gave me! Thank you all for helping me on this journey and giving me my confidence back!”

Brian Stanley

We are excited to announce our May Patient of the Month Brian Stanley! He has lost 100 lbs since his Mini Sleeve and is an outstanding first responder. We appreciate you Brian!

“Having the McCarty Mini Sleeve has changed my life drastically. I went from being an overweight first responder who made many unhealthy food choices and suffered from a lack of energy in. Being in the Fire Service and having a lack of energy is not good. Today I’m 100 pounds down and feel fantastic. I find myself more motivated than ever to be in the gym and my job performance has increased dramatically. I’m able to run and do more activities with my kids without being worn out to quickly. The team at McCarty Weight Loss has worked wonders for me and I look forward to the future and my prolonged success.”

Dawn White

We are excited to announce our April Patient of the Month Dawn White!

“I got the Mini Sleeve done on 08/29/2018, and have lost over 100 pounds thanks to Dr McCarty (then 266). I even had a baby in-between and was still able to lose an additional 15 pounds from my post-pregnancy weight (175) from last January!”

Beth Fowler

We are proud to announce our March Patient of the Month, Beth Fowler! She has lost 63 lbs since her Mini Sleeve last May!

“ Having the surgery was the best decision I have ever made. I had tried working out and dieting for years only to lose at most 20lbs before I would put even more back on. While I know that surgery is just a tool to get me started on a healthier way of life, it has given me the biggest stepping stone to get me to my goals and keep move moving in the right direction. I highly recommend to everyone to see Dr. McCarty.”

Mandy Williams

We are excited to announce our February Patient of the Month, Mandy Williams. She has lost a total of 121 lbs since her Mini Sleeve.

“The BEST decision I ever made regarding my health was finding Dr McCarty and having WLS After years and years of battling my weight, I finally had a tool to help me achieve my goals. My initial goal was just to get under 200, then it was to lose 100lbs, now it’s to maintain and tone. I NEVER imagined the success I’ve had but most importantly it helped me realize how truly unhappy I was. When you are in the moment, you may not realize that you aren’t “happy”. I really did think I was happy with my life, tired of the weight, but overall happy. Now, I realize what true happiness is, what living is. The energy, the boost in self-esteem, the confidence, the lack of fear and intimidation… that’s what happiness really is. I may not have had followed all the rules “perfectly” and am still learning as i go but if you aren’t enjoying the journey, what’s the point?”

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